Department of AdditIonal Sources of Energy, Government of Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh New & Renewable Energy Development Agency

Technical Specifications And Approval Rate of Various Solar System

Sr.No.   Size Type
1 Solar Street Light 2.7 MB
2 Solar High Mast Lighting System (White-LED based) 507 KB
3 Kusum C-1 Scheme 1.1 KB
4 RO water plant facility in the primary school of the state 162 KB
5 Clean School and Green School Programme 168 KB
6 Off-Grid Solar Power Plants with LiFePO4 Battery Backup (for Govt./Semi Govt. Buildings) 2023-24 799 KB
7 On-Grid Solar Power Plants without Battery Backup (for Govt./Semi Govt. Buildings) 2023-24 726 KB
8 6 MT Solar Powered Cold Storage 943 KB
9 Solar Fencing (for Govt./Semi Govt. Buildings) 2022-23 3.48 MB
10 Solar Water Heaters (for Govt./Semi Govt. Buildings) 2022-23 950 KB
11 Name of firms and rates for Solar Pumps 162 KB