Department of AdditIonal Sources of Energy, Government of Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh New & Renewable Energy Development Agency

Bio Energy Program

Biomass has always been an important energy source for the country considering the benefits it offers. It is renewable, widely available, carbon-neutral and has the potential to provide significant employment in the rural areas. Biomass is also capable of providing firm energy. About 32% of the total primary energy use in the country is still derived from biomass and more than 70% of the country’s population depends upon it for its energy needs.


A. National Biogas Fertilizer Management Program

Under this scheme, like Dinbndhu, KVIC or installation of permissible prefabricated biogas plants, domestic fuel supply, lighting and for the production of organic fertilizer for construction of family-size biogas plants of 2 to 6 cu. m. efficiency is being made by UPINEDA from additional financial year 2010-11 of Rural Development Department and KVIC as per design and drawing approved by the ministry. As part of Central grants of Rs .9000 / - to the beneficiaries of General Category and Rs. 11000/- to the beneficiaries of Scheduled Caste is being provided, rest cost is borne by the beneficiary. Cost of 2 cubic meters capacity bio gas plants is around Rs. 22,000 / - per plant and Cocking food for 5 persons both the time and lightening for 4 to 5 hours per day from 1 lamp can be done from the plant and will get 6 tons high-quality organic fertilizer par year, the plant will provide equivalent energy of around 18 LPG cylinders per year.


B. Biogas Based Power Generation Program

Under this scheme, as per ministry approved design and drawing installation of 3 to 250 KV capacity plants at the sites like dairy etc. is being conducted by gas produced from bio gas plant by generator. After construction plant undertaken by the beneficiary, the grant of Rs 40,000 / - to Rs .30,000 / - per KV in descending order is admissible on reimbursement basis by the Ministry for this purpose. Biogas plant of 85 cu. m. capacity can be established from 150 animals approximately, from which 100 units per day electric power and 267 tonnes high-quality organic fertilizer is being received from 100 percent Biogas-powered generator of 10 KV capacity that costs around Rs. 16 Lacks.



A. Bagasse Based Co-Generation Project's In Sugar Mills

Plenty of bagasse available in the sugar mill of the state having a lot of potential to generation through co-generation. UPNEDA started its efforts in 1994 as a catalyst/facilitator to set up power generation projects based on co-generation through bagasse available in the various sugar mills of Uttar Pradesh.

The state government formulated a policy in 1994 to promote the establishment of these projects in the state. Later on after the formation of U. P. Electricity Regulatory Commission, PPA made with the power corporation has been prescribed as model PPA along with the....


B. Power Projects Based On Other Biomass

There are plenty of opportunities to set up various capacity power plants based on variety of techniques (gasification, co-generation and combustion) by using biomass other than bagasse. According to a TERI report, the state has an assessed potential of 3757 megawatt power generation through biomass. To set up such kind of projects, region wise specific surveys are needed to be carried out to assess the actual potential of the projects. Updated status of other biomass based projects in the state besides bagasse is as follows.


C. Biomass Based Gasifier Power Project

Requirement of thermal and electrical energy of namkeen/bakery, factories, rice mills and cold storage etc. can be met by setting up Gasifier Plants (from 40 kilo watt to 1 mega watt) based on gasification technique using mainly rice husk and udi biomass. To get some relief from increasing rates and unavailability of diesel/furnace oil and electricity, entrepreneurs are setting up gasifier plants with or without grant from the central government. About 40-44 mega watt capacity has been created till the end of 2013-14, through the establishment of gasifier plants by more than 171 industrial units of the state.


D. Biomass Based Co-Generation Power Project

Co-generation power projects of MW capacity based on combustion techniques using Rice Husk or other Agro-residues are established in various industries. These projects are set up in those industries like pulp and paper mills where thermal energy (process steam) and electrical energy are required and they can fulfill thermal and electrical energy needs of such industries. Establishing non-bagasse based co-generation power projects is being promoted in the different paper mills in the state. About 201 mega watt capacity has been created till the end of 2013-14


E. Industrial Waste Based Power Projects

State has more than 150 MW energy production potential through the processing of waste disposal of various industrial units-distilleries, food processing industries, dairies, pulp and paper mills etc. By establishing these projects concerned units, not only help in keeping the environment clean but also meet the energy requirements (thermal/electrical) of the industry.

Till the end of the year 2013-14, 108 MW capacity (biogas/electrical equivalent) has been created from the waste generated through various industrial units (mainly distilleries) and is being used as captive power.