Department of AdditIonal Sources of Energy, Government of Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh New & Renewable Energy Development Agency

Solar Thermal

1. Solar Water Heater

Solar water heaters are such equipments to provide hot water, which convert the sun's energy to heat energy which is used to heat water. It saves electrical energy. Solar water heaters are available with flat plate collector and evacuated tubes.

The minimum capacity of solar water heater is 100 LPD up to 60 to 80 degree Celsius. As per requirement it can be installed multiples of 100 LPD.

There are two types of Collectors ETC and FPC. The cost of 100 LPD solar water heater with FPC collector is approx. Rs.30000/- to 35000/- and 100 LPD system with ETC collector's cost is approx. Rs. 20000/- to 25000/-. 100 LPD is sufficient for bathing 4 to 5 persons.

From October 1, 2014 there is no subsidy granted by Government of India.

2. Concentrated Solar Thermal Technology (CST) Programme

The Technology is most suited for generating steam for cooking andIndustrial heat process.

CFA @ 30% of the bench mark cost or actual cost whichever is less is applicable to all beneficiaries.

Admissible CFA will be released on re-imbursement basis to beneficiary/installer/project developer/SNA by MNRE.

CST based project capacity 480 reflector area 30 dishes of 16 has been installed at KGMU Lucknow for cooking 3000 meals per day. The cost of the project is Rs. 99.5 lacs.